2006 Crispy Critters Halloween Party

A Show and Tell was recently held by the Crispy Critters Chapter of Pennsylvania at their annual Halloween Party. Each member was asked to bring a unique collectible to show and describe. Compare the picture number to the description below.
1. Mini Checkers available at Walmart now along with chess set - John & Robin
2. Salesmen's Books - Chris & Kathy
3. Original Packaging on Right - Prototype found by Jill & Steve on left
4. Bush/Quayle Candy Jar - Dottie & Pete
5. Brooks Bucks from Hackettstown - Dottie & Pete
6. Pins - Rose & Dennis
7. Cardboard candy display box with plastic character face from Canada - Ralph
8. M&M’S® Brand & Universal Monsters Dracula display - Rose & Dennis (Hosts of the party)
9. CD and Calculator from Europe in original packaging - Wendy & Laz
10. Candy container and special holder made to hold container - Dottie & Pete

Shown above is Dennis from the Crispy Critters Chapter standing next to a small part of his huge collection of holiday memorabilia featuring mainly hard plastic toys and figures. He has a great collection of old time favorites for Halloween, Christmas and Easter as well as items for other events.



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