News Coverage

As part of an on-going attempt to provide information, the club's news coverage are being made available on-line. The articles are scanned and then made available for you to see. We regret that the scanning does not make for easy reading.

The Expositor, November 26, 1999 Boyd Leeson - M&M = mad and marvelous

The News-Herald, April 3, 2000 Sara Landis - Entertainment M&M's

The Sun, date unknown Teri Womack - The only letter is 'M' - and 'M'

The Woodbury Bulletin, October 25, 2000 Stan and Geri Friedman - An M&M fanatic

The Hoover Employee Newsletter, date unknown Vickie Poland and Greg Brown - The queen of M&M candies

The Old Times, March, 2001 Stan and Geri Friedman - This collection is all smiles

The Canton Repository, February, 2002 Sue McCamish, Dennis and Cindy Forney - Candy Covered Hobby

The North Scott Press, April, 2002 Chris and Doris Rembold - Tastefully decorated

The Times Recorder, April 22, 2002 Mary Ann Graham - An M&M candyland

The Lincoln Star, May, 2002 Linda Roberts - True colors: Vote for newest M&Ms® color

The Daily Record, July, 2002 Diana Wohlford - This collection won't melt in your hands

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, August, 2002 Diane Hofer - A candy craving leaves the Hofer's house full of M&Ms

The Sunday Times, Scranton, PA, October 27, 2002 Jill Flynn - Wayne County Woman Sweet on M&M

The Des Moines Register GC, Des Moines, Iowa, May, 2003 Sheila Mansfield - Candy 'melts in your mouth,' but collectibles last a lifetime

The American Press, July 4, 2004 Pam Armer - M&M'S® everywhere




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