First Annual Convention

Las Vegas, February 1999

The first annual M&M Collectors Club Convention was held in Las Vegas in February, 1999. Officers were nominated, by-laws were approved, board members affirmed, and a fun time was had by all who attended. Everyone who attend received a 'goody' bag which contained a convention pin, one American M&M topper, one European M&M topper, and a blue peanut pocket dispenser. The blue peanut pocket dispensers were donated to the club by Bob & Karen Hawkes of Australia, who, unfortunately, were unable to attend.And talk about a dedicated M&M collector, Liz Rutan can boast the ultimate level of dedication. Not only did she do her nails with the different M&M characters, but three days before the convention, she got an M&M tattoo! Everyone enjoyed looking at Liz's tattoo.

One favorite stop during the convention was M&M World. It is four floors of chocolate. The first floor is Ethel M Chocolates. The second and fourth floors are wall-to-wall M&Ms. The third floor is the M&M Academy where you can become an official M&M. We all left a l-o-t of money there.Lynne Geary's daughter tolerated being around the M&M crazies. The convention was not her idea of a good time. She is pictured below trying to escape from an elevator full of M&M collectors.

We all posed for a group picture on our way to having a club dinner on Saturday next door at the Luxor Hotel. Most are wearing the official M&M Collectors Club Convention T-shirt, available only to those who attended the convention.



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